Thursday, June 17, 2010

Demo Post for BELP

I'm once again asking these three familiar questions:

  1. What is a blog? An online log. A place to communicate. Unlimited topics. Your administrator watches your blog. Collaborate and share ideas. They're ongoing. Like and archive. Critique issues. A different communication tool for staying in touch with more people. Like a journal it's chronological.
  2. What is the read/write web? This isn't just a brochure - there's interaction with the reader. People can comment back on your posts. 
  3. What do these technologies mean for you and your students? Access to current and up to date information. Instant collaboration. Students are more marketable - to colleges, grants, occupations. Students are more likely to share. Supports another way of learning. Removes some barriers to participation. 
These answers have come a long way in five years! Here we go again...


  1. This is gonna be a good session! Thanks, Mark.

  2. Thank you for another great beginning. :-)


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