Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Demo Post for ATP

I'm here with administrators in Orange County - asking these familiar questions... again.

1. What is a blog?

A public expression on the internet regarding things in real time.
Cyber journaling
It can be a collaborative space.

2. What is the Web 2.0?

Being able to go back and forth... it's interactive.
More sophisticated... for sharing files etc.
Web applications that facilitate interactive information sharing.

3. What does this mean for you and your students?

It's a powerful learning tool to be leveraged.
Students have an audience... and a real reason to write.
But they need computers - or at least good phones.
Interactive discussions extend beyond the school hours (and walls).
Timely and specific feedback.
It's a gift and a curse... you can express ideas - but they may not be appropriate.

We may not have the specifics... but we've got the big picture in the room. And we're off...

Here's the day's Agenda.

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