Thursday, March 12, 2009

Blog If You Love Learning at CLMS 2009!

I'm asking participants these three familiar questions...

1. What is a blog?

An online journal, a place to put your stuff so other people can see, a networking tool for getting information collaborating and sharing, a place to express your opinion, a place to report news.

2. What is the read/write web (or two-way web or web 2.0)?

Wikis are an example (so are blogs), it's interactive, a discussion forum? blackboard? Google Docs? But also some question about what this means...

3. What might these technologies mean for you and your students?

It's a way for them to collaborate, it makes it immediate interesting and relevant, also blurs the lines of what old fashioned folks think of plaigerism, it opens the door to a lot of students who might not share in a large group discussion, can be a powerful way to get feedback - or answers to specific questions, good for organizing...

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