Saturday, April 19, 2008

Demo for Search, Learn, Share

What is a blog?

Online journal... you can have a blog for pictures, thoughts, etc... a launching pad for students.
Could be an online discussion. Commentary.
Sharing videos.
Finding words to use - connecting with other teachers - learning from other teachers

Why blogs in education?

It opens your world... promotes thinking... gives the kids a voice... meets kids where they are... we are trying to teach writing and the fundamentals - and this gives them more purpose/reason. It's not just part of the school day... they go home and it's part of their lives. It's giving them tools and skills for the real world. A place to voice feelings - even grieve.


  1. Wagner, where's your tie? Is this one of those google presentations again?

  2. Blogs are great tools for the classroom. The more the kids are involved, the better!


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